Accordion Shutters

Affordable Glass Protection

Accordion Shutters

Our accordion shutters are one of our most popular shutters. They are extremely cost effective and much easier than traditional panels. They stay permanently on your house eliminating the hassle of having to store panels and remove them after storms.

They are manufactured right here at our shop in West Melbourne, Florida. Every hole, lock, and screw are put there by the hands of our small team of 10. They have a five-point locking system which includes two locking pins on the top, two on the bottom, and a push lock in the center where the two sides meet.

Our accordion shutters can protect everything from your smallest window to your largest sliding glass door. Looking for an easy shutter to operate and close within seconds? Want better home security? Want to be able to lock it from the inside? Need the most cost effective panels? Check out our accordions!

Color Options: white, bronze, ivory, beige

Accordion Shutters


1. Five-point locking system
2. Rated for up to 165 mph winds
3. All aluminum and stainless steal hardware
4. Multiple color options
5. Aluminum locking pins to hold them open in the tightest stacks possible. 6. No velcro straps or plastic tabs!
7. Push-Lock
8. Lock covers given to keep out dust & dirt

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