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Bahama Shutters

Affordable Glass Protection

Bahama Shutter

Our Bahama shutters are built locally at our shop. They start out as individual pieces of aluminum (arms, legs, top, bottom, and middle blades). Step by step the pieces are cut, put together, drilled and riveted by our team. Once built they are sent off for powder coating, to be multi-layer sprayed with any color you choose.

They offer great sun control for windows that receive a high amount of direct sunlight (helps to keep it cooler inside). The higher they’re raised away from the wall the more you can see out. To close you simply loosen the arms and it folds down against the house. The locking pins are loosened and slid into corresponding holes found on the hinges (on the wall).

These can also be manufactured to lock from the INSIDE (great for second floor windows).

Bahama Shutter


  • Great Sun control
  • Lower your AC bills and keep it cooler inside
  • Countless Powder Coating color options
  • Very few moving parts
  • Fast and easy closure for a storm
  • All aluminum and stainless steal hardware