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Bertha High Velocity Accordion Shutters FL389-R5

Allows effortless closings by sliding horizontally and comes with its own security lock.Extremely stron and self-storing. Ready to use at a moments notice. These shutters come in your choice of four colors to beautify while they protect your home. Aluminum stainless steel construction provides lasting service even under severe conditions.

  • Security - The High Velocity Accordion Fold Shutter is locked from either the outside or the iinside with a key lock. Two locking pins on both sides provide for additional strenghth and security.
  • Improved Stacking - The High Velocity Accordion Fold Shutter stacks in about 30% less space than most systems and utilizes a lower profile center mate. The reduced stacking will minimize the loss of view on High-rise balcony areas.
  • Increased Strength - The combination of deeper corrugation, larger hinge points and pin diameter dramatically increases the overall strength of the system.

Increased performance - The increased levels of performance allows installation of taller high velocity accordion shutter, and installation in areas of the building that demand higher pressures.


accordion shutters


Introducing: HV ® Accordion Window
“The only accordion window available in the industry!”

Impact tested and approved:

  • FBC (Non-HVHZ), HVHZ
  • Up to 5 windows per blade
  • Affordably clear - Let the light in!
  • Patent pending polycarbonate window
  • New or retrofit installations


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